Having swimming pool as the refreshing element of the wooden deck plans can be the choice for making the exterior looks more rejuvenating. Traditional or classical home will look beautiful with these pools. The pool designs are various. It starts from the very sleek one until the exotic style. The contemporary tropical home that is […]

Designed by Guide Home Design, wall murals modern become very popular among teenagers in urban area. For instance, teenagers tend to apply rock stars or favorite bands poster as main interior wall decoration. Now, those urban teenagers have changed interior poster into murals decoration that are looked more fascinating rather than applying poster as main […]

Again, DIY Project applies latest design for Bathroom Remodel with bathroom sink bowls of vintage house design. The ideas are firstly coming up when there are so many DIY designs are applied for living room, bedroom and other rooms. However, for remodeling bathroom design, indeed, only few people who are succeed to do it. Here, […]