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White Apartment Walls for Bright and Comfortable Interior Design

Some people choose to make the decoration of white apartment walls because of its clean accent. Besides, white is the neutral color which can be combined with various color palettes. In Pozna, Poland, there is apartment with this kind of interior style that was planned by the modelina architekci, a famous architectural firm. The owner of the apartment is a lawyer and a pilot, so the design must be very interesting. Let’s check it out!

Interior Decoration on Wooden Floor Applied White Painted Wall

Interior is designed in glossy white wall. The ceiling is also in white color scheme whereas the flooring is made in brown hardwood. This combination creates a stylish apartment, yet comfortable. The design is unique. One attractive design is the tall cupboard with a little gap at the center of it. Gap can be used to put many object like the books, sculptures, photo frames, accessories, or anything. If we look above, there is an artistic pendant lamp too. The white apartment walls are very enchanting.

Sofa at Apartment Living Room near Patterned Cushions Motif

Apartment near Black Sofa and Origami Chandelier

There is also the black L-shaped sofa decorated with some black pillows and black-white striped pillow. TV screen is placed at the opposite side of the sofa put on the white cabinet with brown background feature. Sofa is located near the simple table set in light brown color, the similar scheme as the apartment’s flooring. At this table set’s area, we can feel the bright room atmosphere because the wide windows are constructed there. So, residents can see the outdoor environment while sitting on the chairs.

Apartment near White Cabinet and Wooden Countertops

Apartment Small Space Applied Solid Wood Cabinet and Open Storage

Move into the kitchen, this cooking space has modern design in the same scheme as the previous room. Cabinet is in glossy white color whereas the counter top is brown. There is also a bookshelf where a lot of kitchen appliances placed. The wide window once again connects the indoor and outside view. Working room, bedroom, and bathroom are built awesomely in white apartment walls which make whoever live here feels the comfort of the living space.

White Apartment Walls for Bright and Comfortable Interior Design

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